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From August 19th to 27th, 2013, "Maranatha-Conversion" organized a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the presence of Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels and founder of "Maranatha-Conversion" International Prayer Movement, ecumenical and inter-religious. This pilgrimage was attended by over 550 pilgrims from all over the world. Also present were Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, privileged witness of the events of Medjugorje, and not only numerous priests, bishops, and patriarchs, but also thousands of Christians from all the churches established in the Holy Land, as well as followers of other religious traditions ...

"Maranatha-Međugorje" Organizes a time of prayer and fasting for the Healing of the Heart of Humanity and Men Saturday October 1st to Saturday October 8th, 2016

What's included?

Full board

  • Accomodation
    Accomodation and meals

    All of our facilities are located in Medjugorje.

    Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Best Food

    A bus is provided for transportation from a meeting point to every location in the program and back.

    All of the buses are new and comfortable to give you a pleasurable experience while riding through Herzegovina and Bosnia.

Translation and guidance

  • Tour Guide

    Professional and experienced guides and translators will be available all the time during the program.

    Thanks to instantanious translation, you will have the impression that the teachings and witnesses are expressed in your own language.

Organisation of visits

  • Grand Experience
    We got it all planned

    The Maranatha association has made a detailed plan and program for the pilgrimage in order to make your time spent with us fulfilled and carefree.


Pilgrimage program

Plan of activities during the program

Program includes transport from the airport to your hotel, full board, organization of all meetings and visits, as well as translation at the excursions and accommodations. For details on each day, just click on it.

Saturday, 1st of October 2016

Arrival of pilgrims, settling in hotels and boarding houses.
Welcome by the guides, according to languages spoken by groups.

18h: Rosary - Mass - healing prayers.
22h to 23h: Adoration at the Rotunda (outdoor altar, behind the church).

Dinner and bed for the night.

Sunday, 2nd of October 2016

Morning: Presentation of Maranatha, the various groups and speakers.
Buffet lunch for the pilgrims to meet each other.

PM: prayer on Podbrdo / the Apparition Hill.

At the Rotunda: Rosary Prayer and confessions - Mass - healing prayers.

After dinner, overnight stay in hotels, boarding houses.

Monday, 3rd of October 2016

Morning: Breakfast, then departure from the foot of the Križevac (Mountain of the Cross) for the Way of the Cross.

Lunch at Medjugorje

Afternoon: Visit to the Franciscan Monastery Široki Brijeg: prayers at the tomb of the priests killed by the communists during the Second World War.
Speech by Monastery guardian.

Back in Medjugorje.

At the Rotunda - Rosary and confessions - Mass - healing prayers.

Dinner and overnight stay in hotels, boarding houses.

Tuesday, 4th of October 2016

Morning: Breakfast and departure by bus to the conference room.

Buffet lunch for the pilgrims to meet together.
Back to Medjugorje.

Evening: Rosary and confessions - Mass - Adoration from 22h to 23h.

Dinner and overnight stay in hotels, boarding houses.

Wednesday, 5th of October 2016

Morning: Breakfast and then departure for Žitomislići Orthodox Monastery.
Meeting with the Abbot, Father Danilo of the monastery who will explain to us the symbolism of bread and salt.
Lunch: "Fasting" with bread prepared by Orthodox Serbs for the Maranatha group.

Departure for Blagaj: A sixteenth century Muslim Monastery.
Meeting with Hisam the Imam, Merima his wife, and members of the community.
Mint tea at the waterfront

Departure for Mostar: Jewish cemetery, meeting with Mme Erna Cipra of the Jewish Association of Mostar.
Cathedral of Mostar, meeting with Father Luka Pavlovic. Mass.

Back to Medjugorje.

Dinner "Fasting" and overnight stay in boarding houses.

Thursday, 6th of October 2016

Buffet Lunch for the pilgrims to meet.
Evening: Rosary Prayer and confession - Mass - Adoration.

Dinner at 21:15 and overnight stay in hotels, boarding houses.

Friday, 7th of October 2016

Breakfast: Departure for Sarajevo, meeting with Cardinal Puljić and other religious leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lunch: "Fasting," with some of the representatives who will welcome us.

Back in Medjugorje at the end of the day.

Dinner and overnight stay in boarding houses.

Saturday, 8th of October 2016

8 am: If possible, Mass at the Rotunda for all Maranatha Pilgrims.

Departure of the groups, according to their transport (bus, plane, etc.).

This general program is proposed, but it can be adapted every day if necessary.

Other information

Organizer of the pilgrimage

To facilitate the organization of the pilgrimage "Maranatha Medjugorje” in October 2016," the organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be provided by the association "Maranatha Medjugorje" which will work with local partners. Only people who have registered for the pilgrimage with the association « Maranatha Medjugorje » and receive a badge may attend meetings. It will, in fact, not be possible to simply join the group, for reasons of logistics: planning and sometimes locations of places of various meetings, lunches, hearing aid rentals, organization of the translations following linguistic groups, cost sharing organization, translations...


The Pilgrimage "Maranatha Medjugorje in October 2016" will be a time of prayer and fasting. Wednesday and Friday fasting lunches will be simple: bread and water. Dinners are also simple: bread, soup, fruit. Pilgrims who will register will have to respect this and understand that it is impossible to provide different meals.


The Maranatha Holy Land gathered 550 pilgrims from around the world. We do not really know how many pilgrims would be interested in the proposed pilgrimage/retreat in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There will be Christians of various Christian denominations; Buddhists have said they wanted to join the pilgrimage. We will also have the opportunity to meet and live a wonderful fraternal time with Orthodox, Muslims and Jews.

The Pilgrimage "Maranatha Medjugorje in October 2016" will be open to all people of good will who want to join brothers and sisters for a special time of prayer, fasting, exchanges, meetings, reflections...

We need help

We are looking for volunteers to help us promote this unique approach and, why not, invite pilgrims to form a group, whether from France, Belgium or other countries.

Whoever you are, if the theme "prayer for healing of humanity, prayer for the healing of the human heart" attracts you, then come and join us.


Join us for a time of intense prayer - and also fasting - for the healing of humanity and for the healing of the heart of Man. World-wide well-known guests from various Christian denominations will be invited to share their testimonies. They will share their experience with us and how our Lord uses them to promote peace, love and reconciliation. Come and listen to Bishop Leonard’s teachings. Come and discover the spiritual places of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Medjugorje, Široki Brijeg, Zitomislici, Blagaj, Mostar, Sarajevo ... Come and spend an intense day in the heart of Bosnia, in Sarajevo, the city where the First World War began in 1914, but a city from which the first world peace could emerge ...

If we all set off together,
if we refuse to admit defeat in advance,
if we decide that from now on
we will become partners of Heaven for a better world,,
everything will be possible.

Nothing is impossible for God, and God hears our prayers.
If we are numerous, if our hearts are united in the same approach
to prayer and fasting for the intentions of peace, the healing of Humanity and the heart of Man,
if we just humbly put our lives in the hands of the Lord,
we can be certain that God will hear us,
that God will answer our prayers ...

At Pontmain, Our Lady said: "But pray my children, God will hear you soon. My Son is easily touched! "

Maranaha-Medjugorje, from 1st untill 8th of October 2016

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Package price per person for the pilgrimage of October 1st to 8th, 2016, all-inclusive for land only (without flight), full board, all the meetings and visits, organization, translations and accompaniments: 780 €

This price includes:

·   Accommodation in Medjugorje standard  board 3 *, double room (if you do not designate your bedroom roommate, you will be assigned one).
·   Full board from dinner on October 1st to breakfast on October 8th (including Wednesday and Friday with simple fasting meals).
·   Transportation according to the program.
·   The meetings, lectures and visits according to the program.
·   Entries to the sites and / or museums mentioned in the program.
·   A tour guide / translator
·   Translations into French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Croatian (and possibilities for other languages).
·   Badge and pilgrim's folder.
·   Preparation for the trip in connection with the group leaders and related persons on site in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This price does not include:

·   Options: single rooms: 154 €/ person/week (limited number).
·   Travel Insurance - check the conditions of your insurance with your bank for credit card payments. Also contact your usual insurance for other contracts.
·   Tips for guides and drivers (under the rule of the Countries: 2 € / day / person for the guide and € 1.5 / day / person for the driver).
·   Donations and offerings for meetings and celebrations at your discretion.
·   Drinks, extras and in general all personal expenses.
·   All that is not indicated in "the price includes."

For individual cancellations, the following will be counted:

Until 30th June: no charge
1st to 31st July: € 150 fee per person.
1st to 31st August: € 300 fee per person.
September 1 to October 1: full price (no refund).
No show: full price (no refund).

No cancellation fee for people being replaced.


Terms and conditions:

Your registration is only confirmed when you have paid.
Please ensure that you are covered by travel insurance.
The number of single rooms is limited.
If you have not named your roommate, you will be assigned one.

Special Conditions:

For political reasons, military, medical, climatic, mechanical and economic, in the interest and/or for the safety of passengers Maranatha-Medjugorje Association reserves the right at any time to cancel the trip, to change the route, to interrupt the course or change the prices, it cannot be held responsible. In case of cancellation or interruption, participants will be reimbursed:
- Before departure: the amounts paid to the exclusion of any damages;
- During the trip: in proportion to the number of travel days, to the exclusion of any damages;
- In case of force majeure outside the organizational structure, an amount of 50€ will be retained as compensation of part of the organizational costs.


The only way you can register for the pilgrimage is via this website by clicking the green REGISTRATION button. After the registration you have to pay for the pilgrimage. There are 2 ways to make the payment:

1. Online, using a credit or debit card
2. Direct payment to our account in Bosnia and Herzegovina - wire transfer.

The price for one pilgrim (all of the above is included) is 780€ (equivalent in local currency = 1525 BAM)