Brief journal of the Night of Witnesses  

Since it was first held in the 2008, this special vigil has been staged in 29 different cities, and a total of 31 witnesses have given personal testimony of their experience of persecution in their respective countries, before a total audience of more than 25,000.

The Night of Witnesses was conceived in the French office of the Foundation – Aid to the Church in Need – which President Marc Fromager helped us to organize in our “areas” for our Churches. This time, our areas were located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. For a first time event, the four locations were a challenge: Sarajevo, Kotor, Dubrovnik and Medjugorje. With soft background music and the procession with candles illuminating the portraits of persons who have suffered a violent death in hatred of the faith in the past 50 years. During the vigil we listened to their short biographies and testimonies of the reality exposed by those who personally suffered persecution or spoke first-hand about the collapse of religious and human rights in regions where they come from. Such reports cannot be read in the media or accessible to the public. After attending this event, few are those who do not go away deeply affected.