Mexico City, Mexico, Tuesday 10th September 2019

Sabrina : Monsignor Chavez, I would be very interested to hear from you what motivated you to spend all your life to learn more, to study Our Lady of Guadalupe and also to spread the message She gave the world in 1531.

Monsignor Chavez : I believe that question should be for Our Lady of Guadalupe Herself. Why did she choose me?

I do not know. To be a priest, I studied philosophy, theology; I was sent to study history but later I met HER; I have always been Guadalupano because we, Mexicans, bear Guadalupe DNA since the moment of our birth. But I met Her and I think She was the first one to begin all of this. I do not know how to thank Our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe for having noticed me a little, because it has been an adventure and we never finish discovering Her, it is unbelievable!

It has strengthened my priesthood, my Christian life, my WHOLE being and everything I can do. It is an adventure, because I try to know her more in depth and to send the message to the whole world that, more than ever, we need, not only in Latin America, not only in Mexico, but the whole world needs the message from Our Lady of Guadalupe which is so topical. A friend of mine who is a priest tells me: “hey Eduardo you used to be so normal and now everything is Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Guadalupe” and I tell him: “You are right, Guadalupe fills all my world” let us talk about something else and he says:“like what?” Let us talk about shoes and so I said “have you noticed the little shoe of Our Lady of Guadalupe (laughs) it is incredible and I mean it! this is unbelievable, as well as the four-petal flower in her womb and the clasped hands and her dark skin.” I am a painter, so the very image of Herself, the fact that it materialized spontaneously, that some acid was accidentally spilled on Her and nothing happened, that a bomb exploded in 1921 and nothing happened, I think all this is a message which the world, every human being’s heart today have to know. It is so important that people regain faith and the sense of their existence, so we must give every heart this treasure.

Sabrina : I remember the first time of my life in front of Her, I could have died at that moment and it would have been fine. Look at Her, this is a reproduction but when we are looking at our Lady of Guadalupe, all of us are visionaries because we ALL can see what Juan Diego saw when the image was given to him. How do you feel, do you remember how you felt the first time that you approached Her, that you watched Her with your own eyes?