The goal of the Maranatha  association is to establish an international ecumenical and interreligious movement to create bonds of faith, friendship fraternity and sodality between men and women of good will. The method is to contribute with prayer and fasting primarily – everyone in his faith and tradition – but also with times of shared cultural exchange – to help make peace – the gift of God – come into the world.
The association Maranatha is a non-profit organization.

To realize objectives, the association has implemented :
1. « Maranathons» : Meetings open to all, religious (or spiritual), philanthropic and artistic, from the 4th to the 6th of each month, in centers (existing or to be designated) and Marian shrines.
2. Establishment of the « Sakramento Peace Center » in Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
3. The creation of « Maranatha TV », television channel to connect the centers and Marian shrines.
4. A website to support the primary goal of Maranatha Conversion, which is the healing of humanity and the building of peace in the world through Prayer & Fasting.
5. The « Queen of Peace Prize » issued on 21 September of each year – [A day chosen by the United Nations to be « Peace Day ».] to three women whose ministry makes life on Earth worth living.