There are already many beautiful movements. To our knowledge there is no other movement in the world that offers all men and women of good will, with their different spiritual or philosophical traditions, to meet each other every month, in prayer – whatever the expression of their prayer – and to join in fasting together to find real solutions to the common challenges that the world must face.

« Maranatha Conversion » offers regular dialogue through beauty & art, with the help of artists who then become vectors of dialogue between all.

« Maranatha Conversion » was born in the heart of Arch-Bishop André Léonard in 2005, but in fact, it is a movement of lay people world-wide, convinced of the importance of discovering or rediscovering the power of prayer.

All that is in the outer world is born in the inner world, in the heart and thoughts of someone. Starting from this observation, we think that we must return to the sources and plunge back into our hearts so that we can see the solutions that God will not fail to inspire. As believers, we also believe in miracles and we are convinced that unimaginable events and solutions for the moment will come are near.

The founders and first participants of « Maranath