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Support us

« But when you do almsgiving, let your left hand ignore what your right hand does, so that your alms may remain in secret » (Matthew 6, 3-4)
The « Maranathons » are intended to be deployed throughout the world.
Some groups will be happy to have good resources, especially to facilitate the meeting on the 4th, but it will be more difficult for others.
Your donations will help support those who will have more financial difficulties so that they will not be penalized in their approach and can organize a beautiful meeting of the 4th (artists’ expenses, friendly snack, video rental, etc.), followed by a « Maranathons » that honors the One to whom we owe everything (prayer books, flowers, candles, incense, etc.) ! Your donations can be sent by check to the following address :
Association « Maranatha », 14 rue Alphonse Daudet, 75014 Paris, France

Or by Paypal:

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